The Speaking Tree: Visser

We dive back into Visser once again for this episode of The Speaking Tree! Brayden couldn’t take the heat so he’s away this week as Mikael and Tessa get real about some of the important plot points in this amazing side story.

Questions we answered this week:

In a world where Memory Dumps are a thing, how would you have hid the fact that you are trying to protect two humans from the invasion?

How would you deal with your Host (and yourself) falling in love with another Host (and the Yeerk inside it)?

How would you use a Yeerk morph in your own life for purely personal reasons?

This week’s Fanimail: @LegoRats and @moviepollz


Visser: Part Two

We’re back to discuss the Animorphs sidestory Visser one more time! Last week we went over the plot of the book and this week we discuss our thoughts on the story!

We try to pick apart some of the political messages in the book and try to decide what we’re okay with and what we’re not. Spoiler alert: we don’t come to a conclusive answer.


Visser: Part One

This week we talk about the infamous side story: Visser! This is the one where we learn the backstory of Visser One (the slug) and how her story intertwines with the Animorphs…in more ways than one.

Since the plot in this book is thicc af, we split our discussion episode into two parts. In Part One we’ll go over the summary of the book and in Part Two (next week), we’ll jump into some more in depth discussion of particular aspects we enjoyed/disliked/wanted to dig deeper into. Then, as usual, we’ll have our Speaking Tree for Visser the following week.

This week’s Fanimail: @spott3d and @chullie