Tide’s “Coach Breaux” Ad


Quinn and Mikael break down and rebuild a Tide ad called “Coach Breaux,” a misguided attempt to appeal to a demographic that would pretty quickly see through this ad’s awfulness.

We try to figure out the difference between a Chad and a Bro, Coach Babcock and Coach Breaux, and the possibility of a super meta joke behind this ad. As always, we pitch our better versions and actually solve the issues of this ad fairly neatly.


BONUS EPISODE: Superbowl 2018

In this very special bonus episode of inADmissible, Mikael and Quinn watch the Superbowl ads live and comment on them as the game plays on mute in the background!

We wade through some real clunkers like the weird Kia ad that implies that Steve Tyler is sad about not being famous anymore as well as some gems like the recurring and ever-hilarious “Nope, this is a Tide ad” spots. As the Eagles and Patriots wage war, we do the same. The only difference: ours is funny and not fraught with weird touchdown rules and bad Prince projections.