Live from the Gardens: The Unknown

We’re back with more animal trivia and friendly rivalries in this week’s Live from the Gardens as we discuss the osprey and the horse, the two main morphs from Animorphs #14, the book we read last week (also the one with the Andalite toilet).

If you’re into backwards talons, closing your nostrils on command, and the intricate and ancient details of a horse culture that predates that of humankind, you’re in the right place! We are ready, willing, and neiiiiighble to tickle your funnybone this week.


Animorphs #14: The Unknown

This week the Fanimorphs dig their teeth into Animorphs #14: The Unknown, the one where they infiltrate a secret military base and find an Andalite toilet!

If you’re in the mood for poop jokes and us talking over each other, you’re in for a treat! We talk morphing betting rings, how Tessa gets offended for horses, and whether or not horses can give themselves abortions. Strap in!