TV Series: Episode 12

We talk about the Animorphs TV Series again this week with friend of the show Jarred McClure from the 2 Nerds in a Basement podcast! This time we watched Episode 12: The Stranger, the one where Rachel meets her future self who is an accountant (?) with a hunting (?) knife. Also, the Eye of Sauron is in this one.


Live from the Gardens: The Stranger

This week on Live from the Gardens, we talk about the African Elephant and the Grizzly Bear, two of the main morphs from Animorphs #7: The Stranger, the book we talked about last week on The Dork-Bajir Chronicles.

Brayden and Tessa do badly on the quiz, as usual, but they learn a lot in the process, both about animals and themselves. For example: what kind of orgies do elephants have? What does a Grizzly Bear’s penis look like? What kind of strange sexual animal movies did Brayden watch as a child? All this and more on this week’s deep dive into badly-researched animals facts!


Animorphs #7: The Stranger

Continuing to avoid the Yeerks, the Dork-Bajir Chronicles are back as the Fanimorphs pick through Animorphs #7: The Stranger.

We airhorn through divorce proceedings, question what god even is, and contemplate what the Animorphs might be forced to do after they’re captured by the Yeerks. While SOME may think Tobias would be eaten, the intelligent member of the Fanimorphs (i.e. the one who writes the descriptions) is correct in assuming he would NOT. Enjoy!