The Andalite Chronicles: Part 1

The story of Elfangor! Finally! We talk about part one of The Andalite Chronicles this week and get deep into the story of the purple alien that started it all.

We discuss the logic of Andalite life (including Andalite plastic, Andalite formal wear, and weak Andalite bodies), what meat does to your brain, and whether or not Loren and Elfangor deserve to be together. Tune in for the first of this three part series on the origin of the biggest hero in Animorphs lore!


Animorphs #18: The Decision

The Fanimorphs seep into the mind of a purple alien slash scorpion centaur this week as they talk about Animorphs #18: The Decision!

Tessa is off sick so the boys are left to their own devices. Despite the lack of an expert, they manage pretty well as they discuss Tom and Jerry, sci-fi martial arts, Chapman’s road rage, and other cool “no girls allowed” convo topics.


Live from the Gardens: The Reaction

We talk crocs and llamas in this week’s Live from the Gardens about Animorphs #12: The Reaction!

Get ready for trivia on topics like crocodile wrestling, the softness of llama fur, and what the deal is with llamas spitting all the time.

Hypothetical Question of the Week: Which of these two animals would you rather have as your dad?


Animorphs #12: The Reaction

This week we’re talking DNA burps in Animorphs #12: The Reaction, the one where Rachel acquires a croc and saves a kid at the zoo, Harambe-style, then is so allergic to it that she has to barf it out through her back.

More importantly, we find out that Jeremy Jason McCole is joining The Sharing! Even more important than that: MARCO MORPHS A LLAMA AND IS AMAZING. Listen in as we marvel at Marco’s amazingness and discuss possible puberty theories. As usual, Brayden and Tessa pile on Mikael when he tries to introduce some valid literary criticism to the cast.