TV Series: Episode 23

Brayden and Mikael are back for another episode of The Dork-Bajir Chronicles where they discuss the Animorphs TV series! This week they’ll be talking about episode 23, called “The Front.”

We talk about cell phones with Yeerks in them, how to fail at morphing a bat, and Ax’s general awfulness, once again. Hope you’re ready to be seduced by Gustav’s great deals!

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TV Series: Episode 19

We’re back at it, folks: time to tackle yet another episode of the masterpiece that is the Animorphs TV Series. This time we talk about episode 19 called Face Off: Part 1. There are three parts to this arc and, not surprisingly, there aren’t really any face offs to speak of in the whole thing. This is also yet another showing of how terrible TV show Ax is.

Oh also, Jarred will be joining us, as usual!

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TV Series: Episode 18

We’re still chipping away at this block, people. Today we talk about the Animorphs TV series once again, this time about Episode 18: The Release, the one where the Kandrona is busted and Tom has a sore tummy because of it.

Also, this is the one with the kind of badass teacher who has a weird understanding with Jake and the rest of the bandits.

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