The Speaking Tree: Animorphs #36

We’re talking fishy sea creatures in our Speaking Tree episode about Animorphs #36, the Nartec expedition with creepy human being dolls.

This week we answer the following questions:

How would you have taken down the Sea Blade?

How would you use morphing to get your crush to call you at all hours of the night?

How would you use an orca morph in your own life for purely personal reasons?

This week’s Fanimail: ‎Allee Etheridge and Sean Sprague


Animorphs #36: The Mutation

We dive into another salty episode of The Dork-Bajir Chronicles where we discuss Animorphs #36: The Mutation, the book where they find an underwater race of creatures who…stuff…humans?

We talk about the development (or lack thereof) of Jake’s character throughout the series, dumb YA parables, and how awesome it was when the one whale got sliced in half.