The Speaking Tree: Megamorphs #3

We talk some heavy time travel logic in this episode of The Speaking Tree, a Fanimorphs podcast about the rules and systems within the Animorphs universe! This week we take on a few hypothetical questions relating to Megamorphs #3: Elfangor’s Secret, the book we discussed last week on The Dork-Bajir Chronicles!

This week we tackle the following situations:

How would you have dealt with closing the time loop after Marco killed V4?

How would you have used the Time Matrix AND morphing to improve your life?

How would you use a warhorse/chimpanzee/hork-bajir morph in your own life for purely personal reasons?

This week’s Fanimail: Freddy and @codemonkey85 


Megamorphs #3: Elfangor’s Secret

This week we talk about the only time-travelling novel you’ll ever need to read: Megamorphs #3: Elfangor’s Secret! In this one, the Animorphs have slaves and Jake is a white supremacist…for a couple chapters.

We dive into time travel logic nonsense, how we don’t know anything about history, like, at all, and how maybe probably this book could not have been released in 2018.

This week’s Fanimail: @Kierin_Andrews and @moviepollz