21 – Super Size Me (2004)

Just like McDonald’s french fries, this movie did not age well. It’s Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 film: Super Size Me.

We talk about how much has changed in 14 years since this film’s release; we talk about our own backgrounds with fast food & McDonald’s; we also talk about how a movie’s legacy can be better than the movie itself.

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Tartar Loss


Our precious ad jockeys kick it into high gear this episode as they dissect and resurrect the infamous “Favourites” ad that was pulled from the air in the UK.

If your dad loved fish fillets, liked techno, and was a soccer star, this commercial’s for you! Also, he needs to be dead. Find out why this ad was pulled from the air and what Quinn and Mikael could have done to keep it running on this very special episode of inADmissible! Oh yeah, they also eat a Fillet-o-Fish on this one, extra tartar sauce.