The Speaking Tree: Megamorphs #3

We talk some heavy time travel logic in this episode of The Speaking Tree, a Fanimorphs podcast about the rules and systems within the Animorphs universe! This week we take on a few hypothetical questions relating to Megamorphs #3: Elfangor’s Secret, the book we discussed last week on The Dork-Bajir Chronicles!

This week we tackle the following situations:

How would you have dealt with closing the time loop after Marco killed V4?

How would you have used the Time Matrix AND morphing to improve your life?

How would you use a warhorse/chimpanzee/hork-bajir morph in your own life for purely personal reasons?

This week’s Fanimail: Freddy and @codemonkey85 


Megamorphs #3: Elfangor’s Secret

This week we talk about the only time-travelling novel you’ll ever need to read: Megamorphs #3: Elfangor’s Secret! In this one, the Animorphs have slaves and Jake is a white supremacist…for a couple chapters.

We dive into time travel logic nonsense, how we don’t know anything about history, like, at all, and how maybe probably this book could not have been released in 2018.

This week’s Fanimail: @Kierin_Andrews and @moviepollz


The Speaking Tree: Animorphs #30

Welcome back to The Speaking Tree, the Dork-Bajir podcast that tries to right the wrongs of the Animorphs series while taking a bit of a deeper dive into the world that is the human resistance. Today we’re talking about Animorphs #30: The Reunion as we answer the following questions:

What would be a more ideal plan to get Visser One and Visser Three to fight each other, potentially to the death?

How would you use morphing to improve your shopping game?

How would you use a cockroach morph in your own life for purely personal reasons?

This week’s Fanimail: @Blerd_CGE and @drbankruptcy


Animorphs #30: The Reunion

Finally time for some more Marco mishaps! The Dork-Bajir Chronicles dives into Animorphs #30: The Reunion, the Marco book where he randomly bumps into his mom while skipping school.

We talk about mall chase scenes, my poor Marco’s baby bones (his feelings), and the overuse of the phrase “the bright, clear line.” Seriously. Get a thesaurus. I implore you. I beseech you. I urge you. Get a thesaurus.

This week’s Fanimail:  @ElgeneRosetta and @rxdjenny


The Speaking Tree: Animorphs #29

We’re back for more of The Speaking Tree! This time, as we look back on Animorphs #29: The Sickness, the book we talked about last week, we delve a bit deeper into the following questions:

How would you extract a single Yeerk from the Yeerk Pool if you had to act completely on your own?

How would you use morphing to get what you want out of a junior high school dance?

How would you use an eel morph in your own life for purely personal reasons?

This week’s Fanimail: @Velawesome


Animorphs #29: The Sickness

We talk random illnesses, brain surgery, and junior high dancing in this week’s episode of The Dork-Bajir Chronicles about Animorphs #29: The Sickness. Let’s hope you don’t let out a Technicolor yawn when listening to this episode because things get real.

More than anything, we gush over the dance and everything involved with the dance.


This week’s Fanimail: @paulmichaelleary and @the_slan


BONUS EPISODE: The Dork-Bajir Christmas Special

Join us for a special episode where we take your Animorphs and holiday related questions and spin them into a winter wonderland. Tune in to hear our answers to questions like:

What do Yeerks give each other for Christmas?

How would Ax behave at a holiday party?

Are Hork-Bajir mortified by Christmas trees?

Thanks for a great year and we hope to see and hear from you all long into the new year!


The Speaking Tree: Animorphs #28

Welcome to our very first episode of The Speaking Tree, our off-week episode that dives into some hypothetical questions about the last book we read! In this case, we draw from Animorphs #28: The Decision and came up with the following questions:

How do you approach the problem of two facilities that are Yeerk controlled but you don’t know why they control them?

How do you get unlimited TV and internet to a laptop you keep in the woods?

How would you use a bull morph in your own life for purely personal reasons?

We are joined by Adam Heap, also known as Steam Driven on Patreon, a loyal patron at the Andalite tier!

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Animorphs #28: The Experiment

Welcome to the second half of the series! This week on The Dork-Bajir Chronicles we read and discuss Animorphs #28: The Experiment, the Ax book where they invade a slaughterhouse and also save some chimpanzees!

We have a lot of questions about this book. Could you rip open someone’s stomach with a wrench? Is this book saying factory farming is actually, factually okay to do? How much money would it take for each of us to be okay pooping in front of each other? So many deep dives into stuff that should probably be left alone!

This week’s Fanimail:



Halfway Mark Analysis: Part 2

In the second half of our Halfway Mark Analysis, we talk about the format of the series, including it’s publication history, some trivia about its release, our experiences with getting our hands on the Animorphs as children, and more!

We also play a few games such as a Live from the Gardens Final Jeopardy, Guess The Plot, and more! Big thanks to all our fans and listeners who have gotten us this far and who have contributed thoughts and questions to this episode and others! We love you all equally!

Except you. You’re the frickin’ bomb.