41 – Nailed It! Holiday p.2

Our coverage of Nailed It! Holiday continues this week!

This podcast covers episodes 4, 5, 6, and the bonus 7th one! We talk about all the impossible tasks these contestants have to attempt, the odd editing choices, and the possibility of Nailed It! spinoffs – based off of the DIY 7th episode.

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BONUS EPISODE: The Dork-Bajir Christmas Special

Join us for a special episode where we take your Animorphs and holiday related questions and spin them into a winter wonderland. Tune in to hear our answers to questions like:

What do Yeerks give each other for Christmas?

How would Ax behave at a holiday party?

Are Hork-Bajir mortified by Christmas trees?

Thanks for a great year and we hope to see and hear from you all long into the new year!