Lick the Face of a Football Legend


Remember collectible plates? Remember how they’re not a thing anymore, and for good reason? Well, Just Eats doesn’t! Quinn and Mikael deliver a quick header to “Lick the Face of a Football Legend,” the Just Eats ad that robs John Barnes of whatever dignity he had left after making that WONDERFUL rap music video.

There’s not much to fix here but the inADmissible boys try their best!


BONUS EPISODE: Superbowl 2018

In this very special bonus episode of inADmissible, Mikael and Quinn watch the Superbowl ads live and comment on them as the game plays on mute in the background!

We wade through some real clunkers like the weird Kia ad that implies that Steve Tyler is sad about not being famous anymore as well as some gems like the recurring and ever-hilarious “Nope, this is a Tide ad” spots. As the Eagles and Patriots wage war, we do the same. The only difference: ours is funny and not fraught with weird touchdown rules and bad Prince projections.