Live from the Gardens: The Message

This week in Live from the Gardens we talk about the Seagull and the Common Dolphin, the two main morphs from Animorphs #4: The Message.

Strap in for a lively discussion about how dolphin throats work, the best way to listen to man-made whale songs, and a breakdown of why seagull sex is stupid-looking. Also, Live from the Gardens now has quizzes and stuff!


Live from the Gardens: The Encounter

This Live from the Gardens is centered around two morphs found in Animorphs #3: The Encounter: the Red-Tailed Hawk and the Gray Wolf.

We focus in on how Yeerks spot the subtleties of animal sex by watching Youtube videos, whether or not birds can smell, and Brayden achieves climax live on the cast. Also, buckle up for cloacal moaning, lifting your leg to pee, and how to see superteal!


Live from the Gardens: The Visitor

This week’s Live from the Gardens features the Fanimorphs gang discussing the Northern Short-Tailed Shrew and the Domestic Cat, as featured in Animorphs #2: The Visitor.

Listen in as we argue over the size of lizards and mice and wince at the details of feline reproduction. If you enjoy spiny genitalia and learning some really surprising things about shrews, stay tuned for more near-expert level animal talk.


Live from the Gardens: The Invasion

This week is our inaugural Live from the Gardens! Listen in as the Fanimorphs talk about how budding Animorphs might better blend in while in morph by going over some key details of the animals acquired in Animorphs #1: The Invasion.

Get ready to delve into the world of the Domestic Dog and the Green Anole Lizard: color blindness, lizard smarts, and general reproductive talk are what await you in this episode.

Fair warning: there is and will probably continue to be a fair bit of discussion centering around animal sex in this and future episodes so…strap in, I guess.