TV Series: Episode 21

We’re back for Part 3 of Face Off, the season-spanning trilogy that ends…well, pretty much how you’d expect something like this to end. We talk body twinning and basketball games on this week’s episode of The Dork-Bajir Chronicles!

Thank god Jarred is back once again to save us from this nightmare.

This week’s Fanimail: @tinioril and Thomas Dendtler‎


TV Series: Episode 20

Part 2, baby! We jump back into the epic trilogy that is the Animorphs TV series arc called Face Off. This is episode 20 of the first season and Part 3 is episode 1 of season 2. Hopefully that gives you a good indication of how terribly organized this series is.

Part 2 brings us a continuation of the heat-hating Yeerks, the Big Basketball Game, and many more fairly inconsequential things. Yay.

Per the norm, we are joined again by Jarred!

This week’s Fanimail: @Velawesome and Sionnach Duggan‎


TV Series: Episode 19

We’re back at it, folks: time to tackle yet another episode of the masterpiece that is the Animorphs TV Series. This time we talk about episode 19 called Face Off: Part 1. There are three parts to this arc and, not surprisingly, there aren’t really any face offs to speak of in the whole thing. This is also yet another showing of how terrible TV show Ax is.

Oh also, Jarred will be joining us, as usual!

This week’s Fanimail: @moviepollz and Sean Sprague