The Speaking Tree: Animorphs #33

We’re back with another episode of The Speaking Tree, this time talking about Animorphs #33: The Illusion! Get ready for a deeper dive into the book where Tobias gets tortured and the gang saves him at the last second. Here are some of the things we covered this week:

How would you purposefully have gotten caught by the Yeerks?

How would you get out of getting caught smoking at school?

How would you use an Andalite morph in your own life for purely personal reasons?

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Animorphs #33: The Illusion

Time for another Tobias book, finally! We discuss Animorphs #33: The Illusion on this week’s episode of The Dork-Bajir Chronicles, the book were Tobias gets purposefully captured and tortured with his own memories!

We talk school dances, what it takes to build a trusting relationship, and, of course, we have an OTP Alert.

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TV Series: Episode 17

Mikael is not here this week so it’s up to Tessa, Brayden, and Jarred to wade into the next episode in the Animorphs TV Series: “Not My Problem.” Incidentally, this is also the thought going through Mikael’s head.

Get ready for some more Ellimist tomfoolery as Jake jumps back in time to a world where he never became an Animorph. Get ready for some bad twists!

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TV Series: Episode 16

We’re back for more punishment as we dig into Episode 16 of the Animorphs TV Series: “Tobias.” Ironically, this episode is not just about Tobias, despite the title.

We delve into some classic bullying, some asinine Andalite antics, and some depressing teenage realities as we try to make sense of this seemingly pointless episode.

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TV Series: Episodes 14 and 15

It’s with heavy hearts that we once again revisit the Animorphs television series, picking up where we left off at episodes 14 and 15 titled “The Leader.” Once again, we’ve brought Jarred along for the ride and this time we force him to do all the summarizing so we don’t have to relive this any more than we have to.

Stay tuned for discussion about something being so hot it feels cold (or vice versa?), Marco’s mom being Janice from Friends, and how useless Cassie and Rachel are at jumping tiny gaps.

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The Speaking Tree: Animorphs #32

This week on The Speaking Tree we talk more about Animorphs #32: The Separation! We SPLIT our attention into the following three questions:

If you were the rest of the Animorphs, how would you have handled the split (after you understood what had happened) knowing that you needed to use one of the Rachels for the Anti-Morphing Ray mission?

If you had a twin that was, like, the opposite version of you, how would you deal with that?

How would you use a starfish morph in your own life for purely personal reasons?

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Animorphs #32: The Separation

This week on The Dork-Bajir Chronicles we talk about Animorphs #32: The Separation, the Rachel book where she gets split in two and we have to endure a very stilted metaphor for struggling with your inner demons!

Get ready for Mikael to hate on this because he really does. Brayden is pretty keen on it, though. Some would say this episode features “two sides of the same coin,” or some other cliche way of saying opposing views about a singular thing. KINDA LIKE THIS BOOK IS TRYING TO DO WITH RACHEL’S PERSONALITY. GET IT???

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army

This week on a special 2 Nerds in a Basement! Tessa (of Fanimorphs fame) joins me as we watch a movie not done by Marvel or DC but a film done by Dark Horse comics!

Hellboy II features an amazing cast, gorgeous visuals, a villain who were not sure why he is a villain and drunk Ron Pearlman singing Barry Manilow. What more could you possibly ask for?

All that and more this week on 2 Nerds in a Basement!


81 – Frick, I Love Nature w. Gordie Lucius & Stephen Robinson

Gordie Lucius & Stephen Robinson come inside to talk all about their nature show: Frick, I Love Nature.

We talk about how they developed the series, got it off the ground, and turned it into the delightful outdoorsy program that it is. Learn about behind the scenes antics, puppet building, and the spectacular people these folks got to meet over their journey.

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