Alternamorphs #2: The Next Passage

Oh no. OH NO. Another one?? That’s right: it’s time for another Choose Your Own Adventure escapade as The Dork-Bajir Chronicles reads Alternamorphs #2: The Next Passage!

This is the one where you play as David but in an alternate timeline through some questionable Ellimist interference. Don’t worry though! It makes just as little sense as the first Alternamorphs, only with characters your recognize this time!


Live from the Gardens: The Attack

This episode we’re talking tigers and peregrine falcons, two of the morphs from Animorphs #26: The Attack! What is the “Day of the Tiger”? Do falcons have teeth? What is a group of tigers called? Find out this week on Live from the Gardens!

Hypothetical Question of the Week: Which animal would be the better star of a teen coming-of-age movie?


My Hands ARE Free, Monoprix

CHECK OUT THE AD HERE: a trip with us to France as Quinn and Mikael obliterate and re-engineer the Monoprix ad “The Best Worst Song in the World,” a whirlwind of bad choices and bad 90s music. I hope you’re in the mood for condom jokes and complaining about stuff cause this one is chock full of it!


Animorphs #26: The Attack

Get ready for lava monsters with cool guns and weird accordion aliens as we discuss Animorphs #26: The Attack, the one where they’re whisked away to the Lego planet and we learn all about Crayak!

We’re joined by Ellimist-tier patron Andrew on this episode of The Dork-Bajir Chronicles! Andrew has been enjoying the fruits of this donations for a while now, one of which is that he is granted a guest spot on an episode of our show! Everyone give Andrew a round of applause for being awesome!


Stories are Everywhere


We take a dip into the cooling waters of Instagram’s “Stories are Everywhere” campaign wherein the social giant attempts to essentially steal Vine’s thunder (not that it had any left to begin with). While Mikael takes issue with the fifteen second spots, Quinn adamantly defends the bite-sized ads.


Animorphs #25: The Extreme

Come cool off with The Dork-Bajir Chronicles this week as we talk Animorphs #25: The Extreme, the chilling tale of ice monsters, polar bears, and Marco’s subzero dating life!

Learn about how Brayden doesn’t know how to be sad, what Visser Three’s bedroom looks like, and cool names for a boy band consisting of the mysterious Five. Also, we recap the plot and whatever!


Live from the Gardens: The Suspicion

We talk anteaters on this episode of Live from the Gardens about the morphs from Animorphs #24: The Suspicion!

Are all anteaters female? Why do insects stick to an anteater’s tongue? What is so special about the anteater’s stomach acid? As usual, tune in to find out the juicy answers and maybe, who knows, have a few chuckles along the way.

Hypothetical Question of the Week: Would you rather have the ridiculously long tongue of the anteater or would you rather have their claws and why?


Lick the Face of a Football Legend


Remember collectible plates? Remember how they’re not a thing anymore, and for good reason? Well, Just Eats doesn’t! Quinn and Mikael deliver a quick header to “Lick the Face of a Football Legend,” the Just Eats ad that robs John Barnes of whatever dignity he had left after making that WONDERFUL rap music video.

There’s not much to fix here but the inADmissible boys try their best!


Blade Trinity 2004

Mitch Dexter joins me in the basement to round out the Blade trilogy where we discuss if vampires sweat, how this movie is both a crappier version of Deadpool and a similar level of good (as to say not) as X-Men Apocalypse and we also discuss both of his podcasts! ( Wenghtalk Radio and We Watch Food, both on Collective Legacy) All that and more this week on 2 Nerds in a Basement!


Animorphs #24: The Suspicion

We’re back for another Cassie book! This time, the Fanimorphs talk about Animorphs #24: The Suspicion, the one where the tiny but mighty Helmacrons try to steal the morphing cube.

We talk some hard science this episode: quantum foam, tiny physics, creationism, the South Park video game, Harry Potter…well, I guess maybe not ALL super scientific but you know what I mean.