Snoring Literally Kills People


Our savvy young marketing analysts are at it again on this episode of inADmissible where they tackle the abomination that is the “You need to get a ZYPPAH!” ad for Zyppah Snoring Aids.

Be prepared to be aurally assaulted only to have your mind put at ease as Quinn and Mikael easily create a better ad for this snoring aid. Really. They basically nail it on their first try.



Spider-Man 2002

A new challenger approaches the basement! InAdmissable’s own Mikael joins me for 2002’s Spider-Man! We talk about the greatest cameo in a superhero movie ever (Sorry Stan Lee), How perfect J.K. Simmons is, and how inaccurate their portrayal of laboratory science is! All this and more this week on 2 Nerds in a Basement!


Megamorphs #2: In The Time of Dinosaurs

We dive into another “everyone’s a narrator” book as the gang travels back in time via, you guessed it, a Sario Rip. It’s dinos for days on this very special episode about Megamorphs #2: In the Time of Dinosaurs!

We talk about everything from why A Bug’s Life is better than Ants to the stupidity that is the asymmetrical crab people: the Macaroons.


Live from the Gardens: The Decision

This week on Live from the Gardens we’re talkin’ Northern Harrier and Mosquitoes, the two morphs from Animorphs #18: The Decision!

Why are harriers “one of the good ones” when it comes to farmers? What DO mosquitoes do with blood after they suck it out of you? What are the Northern Harriers nicknames? Tune in to find out!

Hypothetical Question of the Week: If both animals were the stars of a sitcom, what would that sitcom be about?


Ancestry Makes It Okay


The big bad ad wranglers are back for another round of destruction and reconstruction! This week, Quinn and Mikael talk white people racism in their discussion of “AncestryDNA brings neighbours together,” an ad for

We talk about unnecessary skating rinks, irresponsible home ownership, and weirdly strong hockey kids. This episode has it all: suspense, racial tension, even humor!


Animorphs #18: The Decision

The Fanimorphs seep into the mind of a purple alien slash scorpion centaur this week as they talk about Animorphs #18: The Decision!

Tessa is off sick so the boys are left to their own devices. Despite the lack of an expert, they manage pretty well as they discuss Tom and Jerry, sci-fi martial arts, Chapman’s road rage, and other cool “no girls allowed” convo topics.


Live from the Gardens: The Underground

We talk bald eagles and moles on this episode of LIve from the Gardens about the morphs from Animorphs #17: The Underground.

How do bald eagles kill geese? How do moles prepare their worms before eating them? What weird things do these animals do when they have more food than they can even eat? All this and more on this episode of Live from the Gardens!

Hypothetical Question of the Week: In a room that was 40 sq feet and 10 feet high with no other characteristics, who would win: fifteen moles or one bald eagle?


Tartar Loss


Our precious ad jockeys kick it into high gear this episode as they dissect and resurrect the infamous “Favourites” ad that was pulled from the air in the UK.

If your dad loved fish fillets, liked techno, and was a soccer star, this commercial’s for you! Also, he needs to be dead. Find out why this ad was pulled from the air and what Quinn and Mikael could have done to keep it running on this very special episode of inADmissible! Oh yeah, they also eat a Fillet-o-Fish on this one, extra tartar sauce.



X-Men 2000

Adam returns to the basement where we discuss X-Men! We discuss tuition fees at the Charles Xavier School for the Gifted, The degree of Wolverines healing power, and my unrequited love for Ian McKellan! All that and more this week on 2 Nerds in a Basement!