Spiderman II

This week Matt McKinnon returns to the basement to discuss Spiderman 2! We talk about why Doc Ock couldnt just be mourning his wife, he had to be crazy, How much of a boss aunt May is, as well as the fact that Sam Raimi just can’t help but be Sam Raimi.

All that and more this week on 2 Nerds in a Basement!


Animorphs #23: The Pretender

This week on The Dork-Bajir Chronicles we tackle another magnificent Tobias book, this time with a sneaky reveal at the end! We talk bird boy and existential crisis in our discussion of Animorphs #23: The Pretender.

Strap in for a super long look at Animorph relationships in our OTP Alert this week as well as Mikael being stuck up about THE BIG REVEAL! Did you forget what gets revealed this book about Tobias’ past? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT YOU HUNGRY FANS.


Live From the Gardens: The Solution

The very last episode about the David trilogy! We talk rats and orcas in this bittersweet farewell to the most evil villain the gang has ever faced. Join us for tons of trivia and dope animals facts on this week’s episode of Live from the Gardens about the morphs from Animorphs #22: The Solution!

What does “degloving” a rat mean? Why are orcas so badass? What do these animals do when they’re making love? Classic questions like this are all revealed within!

Hypothetical Question of the Week: How many rats would it take to kill an orca and how would they do it?


Chick Gon Give It To Ya


Okay, this one’s not so bad. Quinn and Mikael pluck and breakdown “The Whole Chicken,” a video spot for KFC that features a dancing chicken and HEAVILY features DMX’s classic ditty: “X Gon Give It To Ya.”

Is it a real chicken or a computer generated chicken? This is the question that shrouds this episode in mystery and intrigue. Follow along as our dedicated analysts tear down and rebuild this strangely entrancing ad that kinda just reminds you that KFC does bad stuff to chickens.


Animorphs #22: The Solution

Finally! The David Trilogy comes to a close and so does our discussion of his tragic end! We discuss Animorphs #22: The Solution on this week’s episode of The Dork-Bajir Chronicles!

We pitch a few more alternative solutions to the David problem, argue about how far thought-speak should go, and just generally upset Tessa as the boys take a big dump on Cassie, yet again. Join us for the exciting conclusion of possibly the darkest time in Animorphs story arcs!


Live from the Gardens: The Threat

We talk dragonflies and fleas on this episode of Live from the Gardens about the morphs Animorphs #21: The Threat!

Join us for talk of flea leaping, the artistry of a dragonfly, and the secret fourth host of the show: Darby, the middle ground modesty-centered host. Also, the hosts discover the wonder that is flea circuses and how dragonfly babies, on closer inspection, are actually really messed up!


The Tasteless Generation


Oh, you’ve DEFINITELY seen this one before…Quinn and Mikael break down the infamous “Jump In” Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner in this episode of inADmissible! Remember this one? The one that features Kendall Jenner marching in a “protest” only to deliver an ice cold can of Pepsi to a cop, somehow solving the conflict?

Don’t worry, your trusty ad boys are here to save the day once again! We rebuild this slipshod excuse for an ad into something at least serviceable. At the very least, it’s not offensive at its very core.


Animorphs #21: The Threat

We’re back for the second book in the David Trilogy: Animorphs #21: The Threat. Oooh, ominous name. Join Mikael, Tessa, and Brayden for another deep dive into perhaps the most famous story arc in the entire series!

We talk the difference between killing humans versus animals, how elaborate can a hologram trick ACTUALLY be, and listen as Brayden slowly excuses more and more of David’s behaviour. We also go over our theories of what the Animorphs could have done other offer David membership in the gang.


Live from the Gardens: The Discovery

This week on Live from the Gardens, we call in our snake expert to walk us through some crazy snake trivia! Listen in as Brayden and Mikael try to understand these mysterious reptiles and try to forget how horrible it is that David kept a cobra in a cardboard box under his bed (see last week’s episode if that statement made no sense to you).

If you think you’ll be offended by hearing about how they make snake skin or the existence of snakes with legs, don’t listen to this one…seriously.

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Are Germans Still Cold?


Parrrrtayyyy! Quinn and Mikael take on the Jaegermeister ad “Cold” in the latest episode of inADmissible, the show that takes bad ads and builds them back up to their deserved glory.

Our intrepid ad boys delve into the badass lore of “The Hunt Master” inherent in the name “Jaegermeister” as well as its reputation for being a party staple. Mikael also goes on a bit about how dumb the thermometer is in this ad while Quinn explains why metric is better than the Imperial system of measurement. Fun stuff!