Live from the Gardens: The Forgotten

The Fanimorphs talk spider monkeys and jaguars in this episode of LIve from the Gardens about Animorphs #11: The Forgotten!

Monkey genitalia, jaguar spots, and so much more await you on this wild and eye-opening trivia quiz show about the morphs from last week’s book. Also, some surprising facts about monkey thumbs and what makes a black panther black.


Animorphs #11: The Forgotten

We talk jungles and time-warp conundrums in this episode of the Dork-Bajir Chronicles about Animorphs #11: The Forgotten!

Ever wondered if Ax would make an attractive monkey? What about if he was paying attention in class when they were talking about plot-critical time-rip mechanics? Ever wondered whether or not there was an Animorphs book in the series that LITERALLY MADE NO DIFFERENCE TO THE PLOT? You’ve come to the right place!