Bud Light’s “Bud Lights for Everyone” Ad


Quinn and Mikael cut down this everyman’s ad and build it back into something more kingly. Tune in for medieval madness as the ad boys disrupt the monarchy in the 2017 Bud Light ad, “Bud Lights for Everyone.”

Get ready for madcap Bottle Knight hijinks, medieval tomfoolery, and an alchemist who finally discovers how to turn Bud Heavy into Bud Light. WARNING: if you like Bud Light, this episode may or may not rock you to your political core.


14 – Cooked: Earth

Sophie & Mitch conclude their 4-part journey into the world of Netflix’s Cooked!

This time it’s all about the delicious rot of fermentation. We go on a chocolate tangent, discuss stinky cheese, and wonder where all the mushrooms are in this episode.

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