The Speaking Tree: Animorphs #38

This week we tackle the most alien of questions as we delve just a bit deeper into Animorphs #38: The Arrival on this episode of The Speaking Tree! We answer the following questions:

If you were Jake, how would you have gotten Ax to infiltrate the assassination team?

If you had to introduce an alien to Earth foods, how would you use morphing to show them the best of the best?

How would you use a northern harrier morph in your own life for purely personal reasons?

This week’s Fanimail: @youreanthony and @ElgeneRosetta


Animorphs #38: The Arrival

We’re back for another Ax attack! This week on The Dork-Bajir Chronicles we read Animorphs #38: The Arrival, the Ax book where an Andalite team of assassins lands on Earth to kill Visser Three! Also, Ax gets horny for the first female Andalite he’s seen in years, although it’s all tinged with a bit of sexism (oops). 

This week’s Fanimail: @PotatoToesies and @Kierin_Andrews