14 – Cooked: Earth

Sophie & Mitch conclude their 4-part journey into the world of Netflix’s Cooked!

This time it’s all about the delicious rot of fermentation. We go on a chocolate tangent, discuss stinky cheese, and wonder where all the mushrooms are in this episode.

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Are Germans Still Cold?


Parrrrtayyyy! Quinn and Mikael take on the Jaegermeister ad “Cold” in the latest episode of inADmissible, the show that takes bad ads and builds them back up to their deserved glory.

Our intrepid ad boys delve into the badass lore of “The Hunt Master” inherent in the name “Jaegermeister” as well as its reputation for being a party staple. Mikael also goes on a bit about how dumb the thermometer is in this ad while Quinn explains why metric is better than the Imperial system of measurement. Fun stuff!