The Speaking Tree: Animorphs #40

This week on The Speaking Tree, we dive back into Animorphs #40: The Hidden and try to piece together a better honeypot for our buzzworthy friend, Gafinilan! We answer the following questions:

How would you do reconnaissance and approach Gafinilan’s house and how would you communicate with him at first?

How would you use morphing to deal with missing a limb?

How would you use a honey bee morph in your own life for purely personal reasons?

This week’s Fanimail: Myriam RD


Animorphs #40: The Other

Marco’s back, and he’s looking even shorter compared to the buff Andalite the gang meets in Animorphs #40: The Other! We talk bumblebees and Princely power moves this week on The Dork-Bajir Chronicles.

We talk about the politics of a potentially gay couple of Andalites as well as make fun of and poke at the usual stuff!

This week’s Fanimail: Sean Sprague