TV Series: Episode 1 and 2

The month of madness has begun! The Dork-Bajir Chronicles digs into the Animorphs television series by discussing the first two episodes titled “My Name is Jake.” For the rest of the month of May, our stalwart literary critics will be reviewing two episodes of the television series every week so strap in!

On top of all this, our regular hosts are joined by the one and only Jarred McClure, friend of the show and a confirmed non-reader of the Animorph books. Jarred will help our hosts stay on track this month and give them a much needed outside perspective.

You can find more of Jarred’s stuff at or on instagram at @vanillajayy

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One thought on “TV Series: Episode 1 and 2

  1. Yeah, the opening bit by Jake is reportedly only on the VHS and the original runs, not on re-runs or purchased/Netflix versions. And Marvel clearly stole the Tesseract from Aniimorphs 😛

    The game Jake & Marco are playing is supposedly a real PS1 game called “Transformers: Beast Wars.”

    By the way, I disagree with Tessa’s statements that they look pretty young. Everyone except Brooke Nevin (Rachel) was an adult. She was 15-16 during filming, while Tobias’ actor is 21; Cassie’s actress was 19, Shawn Ashmore 19 and Boris Cabrera (Marco) was 18.

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