Animorphs #12: The Reaction

This week we’re talking DNA burps in Animorphs #12: The Reaction, the one where Rachel acquires a croc and saves a kid at the zoo, Harambe-style, then is so allergic to it that she has to barf it out through her back.

More importantly, we find out that Jeremy Jason McCole is joining The Sharing! Even more important than that: MARCO MORPHS A LLAMA AND IS AMAZING. Listen in as we marvel at Marco’s amazingness and discuss possible puberty theories. As usual, Brayden and Tessa pile on Mikael when he tries to introduce some valid literary criticism to the cast.


Live from the Gardens: The First Journey

This week on Live from the Gardens we change things up a bit and play a game of Choose Your Own Trivia! Brayden and Tessa compete in a rapid fire showdown to see who knows the most about the huge variety of animals that show up in Alternamorphs #1: The First Journey, the book we talked about last week.

Rivalries flare as we talk bone-chomping, businesses of ferrets, and so much more!

Hypothetical Question of the Week: if the Fanimorphs were part of the Animorphs gang, what would their roles be?


Alternamorphs #1: The First Journey

This week we, your esteemed sources of Animorphs discourse, talk about Alternamorphs #1: The First Journey, the first of the Choose Your Own Adventure Animorph books!

Our Host and our Newbie both only got one chance to make it through the adventure and, big surprise, they died almost immediately, although Brayden did do some good giraffe kicks before he lost.

This book is terrible and Mikael makes it clear that he hates it.