Live from the Gardens: The Forgotten

The Fanimorphs talk spider monkeys and jaguars in this episode of LIve from the Gardens about Animorphs #11: The Forgotten!

Monkey genitalia, jaguar spots, and so much more await you on this wild and eye-opening trivia quiz show about the morphs from last week’s book. Also, some surprising facts about monkey thumbs and what makes a black panther black.


Animorphs #11: The Forgotten

We talk jungles and time-warp conundrums in this episode of the Dork-Bajir Chronicles about Animorphs #11: The Forgotten!

Ever wondered if Ax would make an attractive monkey? What about if he was paying attention in class when they were talking about plot-critical time-rip mechanics? Ever wondered whether or not there was an Animorphs book in the series that LITERALLY MADE NO DIFFERENCE TO THE PLOT? You’ve come to the right place!


Captain America 1990

Rod Morrison returns to the basement to watch Captain America! No not that one. Not that one either. Yes the one from 1990. think it sounds awful? You have no idea.

But! Me and Rod power our way through it and discuss pretty much everything but we also discuss how Captain America can be cured of polio, steal 2 cars, and abandon a young woman in a foreign country and still not be the worst character in this movie!

Do you love bad movies? Did you watch The Last Avenger and think ‘I like this but I want it to be worse in every way possible?’ All this and more this week on 2 Nerds in a Basement!


Live from the Gardens: The Android

In this confrontational episode of Live from the Gardens, we talk wolf spiders and bats, the two main morphs from Animorphs #10: The Android.

Why do spider eyes shine in the dark? What do bats leave behind after they mate? Who would win in a fight between a spider and a bat (this one gets heated)? The answer to these and many more questions can be found on this week’s episode of Live from the Gardens!


Animorphs #10: The Android

The Fanimorphs are back at it with this week’s discussion of Animorphs #10: The Android, the one where they find out about the Chee for the first time and almost die…again.

Get ready for an intellectual take on Marco’s dad, Brayden and Tessa’s origin story, and what it looks like when Erek kills a whole bunch of Yeerk warriors in under thirty seconds. Brayden and Mikael annoy Tessa, as per usual.

Also, Marco got a haircut.