Bloopers Part 1

Ever wondered which parts of Fanimorphs: The Dork-Bajir Chronicles could be so bad that even WE thought it should be cut from the episode? Well, you’re about to find out!

This week we talk pizza pockets, wiping a dog’s bum, and logical fallacies intrinsic to Applegate’s basic science-fiction premises. Also, which Animorphs correspond to which Friend from the hit 90s television series, Friends.


Animorphs #9: The Secret

We’re finally back for a deep, deep dive into another Cassie book: Animorphs #9: The Secret. We talk termite queens, Spiderman versus Batman, and some high-tension Cassie/Jake interactions. Brayden tries to argue that K.A. Applegate was referencing “I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream”…AGAIN.

NOTE: Mikael’s audio was lost for this episode so we hired an out-of-work English actor to read his lines for him.


Live from the Gardens: The Alien

In this very special episode of Live from the Gardens, the Fanimorphs talk about rattlesnakes and human beings, the two main morphs from Animorphs #8: The Alien.

Did you know not every rattlesnake bite is venomous? Did you know human beings have less bones as adults than they do as babies? Can you name the various ways humans display mating prowess and availability? Find out the answer to these questions and more on this week’s episode of Live from the Gardens!


Animorphs #8: The Alien

Finally, an Ax book! We dive into Animorphs #8: The Alien and find out just what is so fantastic about the cinnamon bun-zah.

Get ready for a hot take on Ax’s honor rituals, his relationships with the “real” Animorphs, and his strange desire to eat anything and everything. Also, the answer to the burning question: how do Andalites eat? Warning: the answer is very stupid.