Live from the Gardens: The Andalite’s Gift

We are joined once again by Adam Heap in our never-ending quest to quiz everyone about every animal fact under the sun! Since Megamorphs is so prolific with its morphs, we decided to talk about them all in our brand new mega-quiz, mega-showdown format! Lucky us, Adam works in an actual zoo and went to school for animal-learning, so we’re sure to be shown up.

You can find more of Adam on Twitter (@AHeapOfGames), Youtube (AHeapOfGames), and, of course, on the Animorphs Discord chat. If you’d like to join the conversation (we did!), hit up Adam Heap for a well-earned invite!


War: Year 0 – Episode 8: Dossa Races Home

Episode eight! Dossa and Bertram have almost completed their mission, but an unexpected danger shows up. Is this just bad luck, or is there a deeper conspiracy at work?

Highlights: Mammoth I’m In Love With You (Mammoth), the PC makes animal friends everywhere, the DM gets dramatic af, Bertram runs as fast as he can.

Songs used in the episode (by order of appearance):
Rynos Theme, What Is Love, Greta Sting, Myst on the Moor, Intrepid, Vanishing, Prelude & Action, Space Fighter Loop, Fairytale Waltz, Five Armies.
All songs by Kevin MacLeod


Episode 3: Sep 19 – 25

Hello again, and welcome to another week of newz! Marina’s allergies are acting up, we’re recording in the bedroom instead of the normal living room, and something screwy happened to the microphone so it gets a little different about halfway through! But isn’t that normal on Good News Everyone!

Talking points: Toffee the Cat, WhatsApp saves the day, Teachers are Chuck Norris, Modern Art is Neat, Dog-Gone Hiking, A Brief Foray into the Prison Industrial Complex, California Doin’ Good, Neko Atsume, Translator of the Future, Fenty Beauty Updates, Kardashian Newz, Tolkien’ Bout Books, D&D E-Reader, and a Kickstarter Tessa wants to give money to.


Episode 2: Sep 12 – 18

Good news, everyone: It’s time for more good news! This week gets a little weird because honestly, the weirdest thing about the news right now is that some of it was good.

Talking points: Good News ASMR, Dish-course, Darla the dog, Dennis Rhodman will save us all, Pea Protein, Firefighters can cook, Four Queers and a Baby, As Cassini Goes On We Remember, Depression Inflamation?, How does the internet work???, Let’s not talk about the Emmys, A really really (really really) bad Harry Potter joke, and Talulah sits on the laptop to send us out.


Megamorphs #1: The Andalite’s Gift

We finally tackle one of the Animorphs side stories in this episode of The Dork-Bajir Chronicles as we discuss Megamorphs #1: The Andalite’s Gift.

To help us get through this megabook, we enlisted the help of a megaguest, one Adam Heap, long-time Animorphs fan and real-life zoologist. Adam joins us as we talk about crazy ladies who live in the woods, whether or not puberty was delayed for Tobias, and how to mispronounce the word “bagel.”

You can find more of Adam on Twitter (@AHeapOfGames), Youtube (AHeapOfGames), and, of course, on the Animorphs Discord chat. If you’d like to join the conversation (we did!), slide into Adam’s DMs to get one of those juicy, juicy invites.


Episode 1: Sep 4 – 11

The first episode of our new podcast, Good News Everyone! Chock-full of good news! Well, Marina gets a little down sometimes, but Tessa brings her back and reminds her that for one episode at least, everything is good!

Talking points: Geraldo the cat, Bionic Eyeballs, Gander Nfld, Owl Rescue, Jagmeet Singh’s majestic beard, No More Cancer!


Live from the Gardens: The Stranger

This week on Live from the Gardens, we talk about the African Elephant and the Grizzly Bear, two of the main morphs from Animorphs #7: The Stranger, the book we talked about last week on The Dork-Bajir Chronicles.

Brayden and Tessa do badly on the quiz, as usual, but they learn a lot in the process, both about animals and themselves. For example: what kind of orgies do elephants have? What does a Grizzly Bear’s penis look like? What kind of strange sexual animal movies did Brayden watch as a child? All this and more on this week’s deep dive into badly-researched animals facts!